We are a Children's Choir for school aged kids.  We come from all communities in and around the Comox Valley...For the love of singing!

The Comox Valley Children's Choir is a registered non-profit society (Nova Voce Choral Society) that has been in existence since the late 1990's.  The choir was founded by Carol Anne Parkinson, later taken over by Wendy Dyck, and now rests in the hands of Sophie Simard.  We have a parent board that is integral to all our operations, and we strive to offer children a fun (non-competitive) and supportive environment in which to learn choral music and culture.   


We are growing! Send us your singers!

New Choir Options 2017-2018

*Recruiting Singers*

Fugl Choir for Singers ages ~6-11 

Our youngest choir that meets once weekly. Suitable for beginners, roughly for ages 6-11. 

Lintu Choir for Singers ages ~12-15 *Recruiting Singers for 2017*

Our choir for singers that are a little older, and perhaps with some experience. None required, however. 


Our Mission in the Community 

We maintain a respected choral education program by providing choristers with:

  • Superior vocal instruction and leadership

  • Exposure to varied choral repertoire, which will include multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, religious, secular, and other music

  • Opportunities for performance and collaboration 

  • Positive and supportive learning environment

  • Representation on the Board of Directors


Sophie Simard Musical Director

Sophie is a young and energetic singer in the Comox Valley who brings a wealth of experience to the Comox Valley Children’s Choir based on her time studying choral music, and her work experience with children.  Sophie is passionate about making music, building community connections, and fostering a lifelong enjoyment of singing in children.  Aside from her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria, Sophie has studied piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music, received private voices lessons, and delved deeply into choral music with Campbell River Children's Choir and conductor Barbara Prowse, Philomela Women's Choir at UVic, and Island Voices.  In 2013, Sophie co-founded Rainy Valley Voices, a twenty somethings' a capella choir.  Sophie is extraordinarily lucky to have Barbara Prowse as a professional choral mentor.  When not teaching choir, Sophie keeps herself busy parenting her young daughters, teaching yoga, continuing her education in music, and helping run a family business in Tin Town, Courtenay, BC.   



Are you the parent of a child who loves to sing?  Are you a child with a voice?

Join us next year!  Be sure to email, or send a contact form through the website so as not to miss your chance at booking for meet & greet days.  Also, feel free to sign up for our newsletter updates so you can attend our concerts and other events!


Are you one of the parents or community members we want on our Board of Directors? 

As a registered society, we run this choir with a Board of Directors.  Monthly meetings and volunteer time are required, but we wouldn't be able to do it without you, so THANK YOU! No time to be on the board but want to help? No problem! We have all kinds of volunteer jobs that can be as short as a phone call, to as long as chaperoning a trip.  Please submit a contact form if you are willing and able to help in any way.